What’s New in Cecile’s Kitchen

Valentine’s Day at Cecile’s.

I will have to admit that I am somewhat of a food snob so it is difficult for me to find dish in the surrounding restaurants that will please my delicate palate. So when Valentine’s Day came about and my husband asked where I wanted to go, I simply said: ” home”. I would rather be home and cook for all of us. So this is what i did. I cooked a succulent meal for us four. On the menu:

Cecile’s Carpaccio with Asiago Cheese







Fresh Gnocchi with Truffle oil and fresh Parmesan



Caesar Salad






and Verrine aux two chocolate mousse ( white and milk chocolate).

Everyone really loved the meal! Even the children.  It was fun, not only to cook for the one I love but also to share our meal together. And for once, I was satisfied with my dinner.  I hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day! What did you guys have on your menu?!

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