Ellen Hines Smith Girl’s Home.

Have you heard of the noble charity named of Ellen Hines Smith Girl’s Home. It is a charitable organization here in Spartanburg, SC that provides a safe haven for young girls who have experienced abuse and neglect. The charity had its signature event “Tinis and Tapas” this Saturday at the beautiful home of Ruth Gray and Foster Chapman. The event was perfectly done, from beginning to the end and much much fun!!!

It was also very well-attended, and I hope that they had much success and secured much donation.

It is definitely one of my favorite organization and I was pleased to help the event by donating some of the food. We donated Chocolate mousse, and vanilla and chocolate macaroons. Look!!! Don’t they look awesome:-)

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  1. I am taking the liberty to add to my blog a message from the executive director of the Ellen Hines Girl’s Home. Please read and pledge if you can. Those girls really need your help!

    “Greetings everyone,

    Thanks for all your help in making Saturday’s fundraiser such an absolute success. We raised more than $33,000 for our girls which in and of itself exceeds our budgeted amount for this event! There is an opportunity through the match challenge to raise even more! Please see the attached flyer for more details and use it to spread the word……….or even better, make a few personal calls to a few friends to help promote this. The generous donor who pledged to donate $10,000 if we raised $10,000 in donations has extended this challenge to this Friday in hopes we can meet it! We are only $3,350 shy of the goal.

    Call me if you have any questions! Graciously, Ruth Chapman has offered to make her friends aware of this challenge as well.

    Thanks for your help and support!

    Sincerely, Chamlee”

    Chamlee Loscuito, MSW
    Executive Director
    Ellen Hines Smith Girls’ Home
    (864) 573-9223 x205 w
    (864) 542-4452 c

    Teaching Sustainable Skills and Offering Shelter From Abuse and Neglect

    P.O. Box 1731
    Spartanburg, SC 29304


  2. Everytime Cecile makes a new flavor of macaroon I am just amazed at how ‘yummy’ and ‘ melt in your mouth’ delicious they are ……I highly recommend them for any party or as a gift or just a bit of self indulgence!


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