French Macarons here in Spartanburg

Do you know that little German eating place called “The Deli Korner”. If you don’t,  you have to drive to the East side of Spartanburg to discover this jewel. This place is located on Fernwood Drive. The Deli Korner not only sells food from Germany (sweets, cold cuts), but also serves outstanding lunches. Though the food is influenced by European Cuisine, it also serves American fare.

I personaly like their chicken salad! But their potato salad is out of this world! The reason why I am mentioning the Deli Korner here is because they are giving away samples of my macarons ( raspberry, chocolate or mint chocolate) for those who are purchasing lunches. My macarons are also for sale.  They come in packages of 4 ( mint, or vanilla), or in packages of 12 ( raspberry, chocolate and vanilla). I hope that you will take the opportunity to try them if you have not.. and buy them;-)