White Chocolate Mousse with Wasabi Ganache and Strawberry Puree

In France, dinners always end with cheese or dessert and it is not different at our house. I watch my weight carefully so I don’t always folow that rule, but my children really abide by it:-)Because I have my favorite cheeses, and they are either not easy to find or they cost a lot of money,  eating cheese after dinner has been a thing of the past;-( So dessert it was this evening. I had been looking at that recipe of White chocolate Mousse with Wasabi for a while, and really wanted to see what it would taste like. So this is what I fixed this evening for our after dinner treat. I loved it. That wasabi mixed in the white chocolate for the ganache really had an amazing and surprising taste. It was sweet and spicy at the same time and really brought up the flavor of the strawberry. My children and my husband were not fond of it. Then again, they don’t care for exotic flavors. But don’t you think they look pretty:-)