St Martin- A Dream…..

Please don’t hate me for talking about my spring vacation but I wanted to share with you the wonderful place my family and I just traveled to. We went to St Martin, also called St Marteen.

This little island is in the Caribbean islands next to Anguilla, St Barts and St Kitts. St Martin is a very small island, you can tour the whole island by car in less than 1 hour. It is divided into 2 parts, the Dutch side and the French side.

We love to go there for several reasons, it is very close to home ( only 4 hours from Charlotte), the weather and scenery is wonderful, people are very friendly (The island is actually nicknamed  “the  friendly island”), it is safe, food is to die for and people speak French. If you do not know where to go in the Caribbean Islands, I highly recommend you going there as it offers many attractions and many activities for small and big children;-)

You can scuba-dive, snorkel, and even zip-lining in the trees. You can also tour the whole island and visit the small local villages. I love to go to Grand Case or Marigot for their “markets”, and festivals.

There you can buy fruits,

spices, local spirits (Rum),

and artifacts. 

So why do I feel the need to mention my vacation on my blog today?!

I do because St Martin and more specifically the little village of Grand Case is the Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean Islands- this means that the food is the best there among all surrounding islands. Because Grand Case is located in the French side of the island, most restaurants there are French. They are owned by French people, and they offer French cuisine with a local flare. For example you will see local spices and local fruits in most dishes that they offer. For example, you may have Grouper with a Vanilla Reduction, and Filet Mignon with fried Plantains.  Their menu, though quite surprising at times, is nothing else than a surprise to your senses and taste buds. I love it! Of course, not all fares are so out of the ordinary or people such as my husband and children would starve going to Grand Case:-)

My favorite restaurant is L’estaminet. It is owned by two wonderful women who have amazing talents for their culinary skills, and for the artistic presentation of their plated dish.


The onion soup. My husband swore that it was the best he ever had. I was a little bit heart-broken when he said so, as my onion soup did not win his heart in comparison.

The Beet Salad with its Ginger dressing and goat cheese sphere. So out of the ordinary… but so good!

The Foie Gras poached in rum with its Red Wine Granita. Simply amazing.

Burgers of Scalloped with its array of vegetables. Simply divine.

And finally dessert: Chocolate Decadence… Chocolate prepared in many different ways… to die for!

So this is why I wanted to share with you my vacation away from home. I wanted to show you the culinary feast I have had to endure over the past week;-( Just kidding…

No, it was amazing but now we are back in Spartanburg, and back in my kitchen. No more chefs cooking for me;-(

I will try to propose some of the dish I have had so you too can share the experience! A Bientot!