Cooking Parties now available in Spartanburg…

Are you one of those person who likes to cook, or are you one of those who hate it and would do anything, anything to get out of it ?!?!
Well if you hate to cook but wish to learn, I have a solution for you!
If you love to cook and wish to learn more tricks and recipes, I also have the perfect solution for you 😉
Come to my house for a cooking party!!!

  • You will learn to prepare easy meals in less than 10 minutes
  • You will learn to cook healthy fare for your family
  • You will save money
  • And you will also learn new tricks and new recipes

Starting this month, I will be hosting small cooking parties at my house to show how easy it is to cook. Those workshops will be at my house most Sundays from 3 till 5, and will also be at other hosts during the week. Each workshop is best suited for 8 to 10 people so that everyone has a chance to actually do the cooking. If you are interested in coming to a cooking party, please let me know so that I can have everything ready for your party. 

If you are interested in hosting a party, please let me know also, so we can work together to get the party started;-)
There are so many incentives to earn for hosting party so don’t wait!

This Sunday, we were very busy! We learned to make two types of appetizers: 

Wontons purses and Brie in Filo Pastry

We also learn to make the Whole-Wheat Pizza  with Proscuitto and Smoked Gouda ( recipe to follow), 

We learn to make the Gingered Stuffed Salmon,
and finally we learn to make and decorate Easter Cupcakes, aren’t they not adorable;-)

So come on, join in! It is fun!!!

If interested, call 864-494-4494, or e-mail me at

Happy Cooking!!!!