Easter is almost here! Don’t forget to get your Macarons…

They would be the perfect gift  for an Easter present!

They already looked so festive with their pastels colors, and they would be a change to the usual chocolate eggs!

A fresh batch was delivered this morning at the Deli Korner so don’t forget to get yours!

You may also place an order at Cecile.cuisine@yahoo.com

or call 864-494-4494. 

Look at what we have for you! Aren’t they not perfect for the occasion!

  • Bags of 4 / 6 Macarons

  • Boxes of 6


  • Boxes of 12

  • Easter chinese box of 12 macarons

  • Easter Metal box of 13 Macarons.

  • Easter “Paint Bucket” ( 20+ macarons)

They come in many flavors!

Look at the Macarons page to choose the flavor that you want!

The Deli Korner will have chocolate, choco-mint, vanilla and raspberry. Hurry before they are all gone!