Molten Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Flavored Whipped Cream

One of my favorite dessert in the world is Chocolate Mousse. I love the way the chocolate melts in your mousse, and how smooth the texture feels on your tongue. Chocolate mousse is very rich but its texture is always so light that it makes this dessert so easy to eat even when my stomach is full.

Well I think I found something almost as good as chocolate mousse. It is chocolate Molten Cake. The texture is almost similar to that of a flourless chocolate cake, but the melting chocolate in the middle makes this cake so much better.

Unlike chocolate mousse that may take an hour to make and certainly several hours to chill, this cake is very  easy to fix, and can be cooked in 8 minutes right after the batter is fixed ( which only take a few minutes).

This winner will definetly be a repeat because it is easy to fix, and it is to die for!!!

Have I heightened your interest yet?! do you care to know the recipe? Well if you want it, you might want to sign up to one of my cooking party and I may give you my secret away….

For now I will delight you with a picture!

Bon Appetit!