Burger the French Way:-)

Don’t you love this nice weather?! this scorching heat? I love it. When the sun is bright and shining, and the heat starts rising, I want to be outside. I want to work in my yard, or sit by the fish pond and read a book, or work on my tan… Well today, I was a bit lazy… I sat and read cooking magazines by the pool trying to get rid of my white pasty winter color. I had fun and was enjoying myself a little too much.  So much so, in fact, that by 8:00 pm nothing was fixed for dinner. For me, dinner can be whipped in 2 minutes, I can have a salad or grilled chicken or fish which takes no time to prepare, so I was not worried. I knew I was going to have salmon.  But for the rest of my sweet family, it is difficult to find interesting yet salivating recipes that will take little time to prepare. Luckily with this heat, and being almost summer, grilling seems to be the adequate solution to my dinner problem:-). So grilling it would be. Now, being Sunday, I wanted to fix something nice, something special so fixing traditional burger was not on my plan. After much magazine readings this afternoon, I decided that I would make a Gourmet French Burger.

For this burger, I used ground sirloin. I stuffed the burger with camembert. While the patty was cooking, I basted the meat patty with  a cabernet sauvignon reduction. I then added more camembert on top of the patty. I then sauteed some shallots and topped the patty with it, along with fried bacon. As a side, I served white truffle oil and sea salt oven-roasted pomme frites.

What do you think? My husband and children loved their dinner. Lisa even said that those pomme frites were the best she even tasted in her whole entire life. I was happy!

Not too bad for a quick dinner:-)

NB: if you wish to have this recipe, please e-mail me. I may share:-), or come to one of my cooking class…