Memorial Celebration at Cecile’s

Even though my husband and I are not from “around here” as some would say here, we pride ourselves to live in this beautiful country. And we will celebrate accordingly when the occasion arises. And of course, as most people here, we too had a true American cook-out yesterday except that we may have had a bit of a French and German influence on ours;-)

The party started at 3. Kids and adults were invited to go swimming. Dinner was served around 6:30 despite my husband complaining that it was too early and that too many people were still having fun in the pool. Too much fun!!!!

What do you do?!?! What is the right thing to do in this case? Do you just serve dinner, and hope that they will still feel welcome to stay a little while longer, or do you wait until everybody is out of the pool and you run into the risk of them leaving the party without eating and leaving you with plenty of left-overs;-0

I did exactly as I planned, and served dinner at 6:30. People ate whenever they felt like it,  and left the party at their own time. I think everybody was gone by 10pm. I guess you could say that the party went well, and I would have to agree. I had a good time too. My sweet children helped me with the cleaning so the place looked like new shortly after everybody had vacated the place.

On the menu, we had:

  • barbecue chicken,
  • hot-dogs,
  • burgers,
  • chips,
  • broccoli salad,
  • German potato salad,
  • succotash,
  • patriotic cupcakes and red, white and blue verrines.

Believe me, my guests did not go home hungry…..