La Fete de La Musique ( Music Festival)

On June 21st, two days ago, it was La Fete de la Musique. La Fete de la Musique also known in parts of the world as the World Music festival always occurs on the 21st of June. This festival has been taking place in all regions of France ever since 1982. It was initialized by Jack Lang, the then Ministre de la Culture Francaise ( secretary of State of French Culture). Today this celebration takes place in more than 110 countries worldwide, and counts more than 340 cities around the globe. We too went to the nearest Musical Festival which was in Arcachon.

Arcachon is a seaside resort located on the shore of the Atlantic coast in the region of Gironde in the South West of France. It is very close to Bordeaux.

On this typical night, people, like us, walk around the city and stop at the various stages set in all parts of the city. They listen to music, window shop, and eat on terraces of restaurants or cafes. After dinner, they walk around some more while enjoying an ice cream, a crepe or even a waffle.


We did exactly that. We walked around the city until 11 pm, and then sat for dinner. Late… I know… but we were not the only one.In fact, we even had trouble getting a table. We stopped at Pierre, a seafood restaurant. I wanted to eat mussels, but since my sister had planned on cooking those the following evening, I had to settle for something else.

So I had Fish Soup for my appetizer,

Scallops on a bed of cinammon apple and served with a vanilla and hazelnut emulsion for my entree,

and a cappuccino for my dessert. …Yum..







Sophie, my sister had Foie Gras poached in a poultry bouillon and served with a Rhubarb sauce

she then had Duck with a celeri, macarpone puree and a blackberry sauce.


And for desserts we all share the magnificient, so yummy, yet very very rich Chocolat Liegeois.






Well after all this eating, we were all so full that we had to continue our stroll along the shore of the ocean.

Though only a few souls were wandering the same streets there, in town it was still hoping on strong at 2:00 am.

It was fun!!!