Halloween Cooking Class

This week-end, I hosted a Halloween Cooking Class for children of 8 years and over. The class met for 2 hours during which we got busy making all kind of Halloween food. On the menu we had Witch Brew in Dripping Blood Glasses, Cheese Bats Appetizers, Mummy Hot dogs, Double Baked Little Ghosts, Black Cats in a Caramel Dip, Melted witches and Brain hemorrhage Cupcake. We did not quite make everything, but managed to cook everything beside the Double Baked Little Ghosts.  I think those young ladies enjoyed getting their hands dirty, as well as their stomach full;-)

As for me, I had a great time meeting all those cute girls, and had much fun seeing them making all the treats we had planned on doing. So thank you so much aspiring chefs and cooks you made my day!!!

If you have not already come to one of my cooking class, you must!!! We have so much fun learning new recipes and sampling everything.

So call me for more information at 494-4494. Until then….

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!