Easy Dessert or Snack: Tropical Fruit Salad.

I cook most days. Sometimes though things happen that makes it difficult to have dinner in a timely fashion. Tonite was one of those night. I had been running all day and all evening and had so much work to do still that I told my husband he would be on his own as far as his dinner. Me? I was not very hungry but was craving something fresh and light. I did not want to just eat a fruit, too boring and so unappetizing… I had some kiwis, mango and those wonderful persimmons in my fridge and though I had bought them to make a tropical dessert of some sorts, tonight they looked like a very appetizing dinner;-) and so this is what I had: Tropical Fruit Salad.

For two servings: 1 whole mango, 2 kiwis, 2 persimmons. Peel all the fruits and dice them in small cubes. Place them in a small bowl. Add 1 tsp of turbinado brown sugar and stir. You may also add 1 tsp of flavored rhum. Yum! Et voila!!!

This was such a treat!

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!