Mango Carpaccio with Coconut Ice-cream

Have you seen this fruit display??? Isn’t it beautiful. How can you not buy some of those mangoes when you see such an attractive display?!?! I could not resist, so of course I had to buy a few. With the mangoes I purchased,  I made several desserts. One that I posted a few days ago: the filo cup with the mascarpone mousse and the mango,  strawberry fruit salad.

Today I am proposing a very quick dessert that is also very good. Because it is so simple to make and requires no baking, it is one of my favorite. The mango au naturel with a bit of honey tastes so good!

Ingredients for 6: 4 mangoes ripe but firm ( very important or you will not be able to slice the mango. It will puree in your fingers if it is too soft), coconut ice-cream, 6 tsbp of sweetened coconut flakes, 6 tsp of honey.

Take a very fun flexipan than has some fun design such as a flower. I used the flower tray.

Place the ice cream in the microwave and warm it up a bit ( 1 minute) so that it will be soft to scoop and mold. Fill up the openings of the tray. Place the tray in the freezer and let the ice-cream harden for a few hours.

A few hours later, peel the mangoes and with a sharp knife, slice the mangoes very thinly. Slice one side, then turn it around and slice the other side. Then slice the sides.

Have six desserts plates ready. Layer the mango slices on each plate, making a flower. Unmold the ice cream and place the ice cream in the center of the mango carpaccio. PLace the honey in small bowl, and heat it up in the microwave for 30 sec. so that it will liquify and will be easier to drizzle ( it will no longer stick). Drizzle a bit of honey on the fruit and the ice cream. Then toast some coconut flakes in the oven ( at 400 for 5 minutes). Sprinkle some those coconut flakes all over the mango and the ice cream and serve. Et voila!!!!

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!