Happy Mother’s Day

To all the beautiful women out there, I want to wish you a very happy and wonderful Mother’s Day!. May your day be filled with much love and happiness.  And thank you ladies for all that you are , and all that you do! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

To you, I dedicate this poem that words so well what  a mom is.

Mother’s Love

Mother is a word that is full of love,
care and joy that we may wonder how?
no matter if you are the worst,
she wont ever stop the love she gives.

this heavenly love cannot we get elsewhere,
because it has an abode, an abode of care,
the pure heart of a mother is that house,
where love has the privilege to stay!

mother is a jewel of joy,
that sparkles with love………………………….

written by a little 12 year girl named Anjana Asok