Demarle Discovery and Training

Regional_Training_Greenville Spartanburg_Nov._2012

Good evening my dear friends,

I would like to invite you to meet Cindy and Rhonda, the President and Ceo of the American Demarle Company. They will be coming to Spartanburg this coming Wednesday from 3:00 till 9:00. So if you have a few questions to ask, are interested to find a fun way to make some extra cash for the holidays or simply wish to meet the founders of Demarleathome, the American Branch of the DEmarle Cookware, come to my home on Wednesday, November 14th.

The day will be as followed:
3:00-4:45 Introduction of the company. Open House
5:00-6:45 Training for existing consultant
7:00-9:00 Open House for customers and prospective consultant.

I hope that you will be able to come. Let me know.
Thank you so very much,

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  1. Hey. I hate that I will not be able to come. I help with the SR high group at the Advent that night.


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