CHILI Cook-Off


This Next Saturday, which is in 2 days, I will be competing in a Chili Competition to benefit the Walker Foundation.

I know, I know, A french girl cooking Chili?!?!

Well I know that Chili is not a meal that I have grown up with, but it is definetly something I cook on cold nights like today. I love chili with some sour cream, and cheddar cheese and jalapenos corn cakes.

Though I am very pleased with my chili at home, I will tell you that it is a bit daunting to be cooking for a large audience and to be judged to … Argh

The reason why I am writing this in my blog is because I need your help. I really really would appreciate if you could vote for me.

If you could go the page of the Walker Foundation and vote there for me.

You can BUY votes online to support me until Saturday at 5:00 pm!!! Votes are $10 each and can be purchased online at or by calling The Walker Foundation at (864) 577-7583.

Encourage everyone you know to VOTE EARLY & VOTE OFTEN!!!!

Merci beaucoup!!!