Black Friday Sales

I don’t know about you, but I am always up for a great deal! And if there is something that i love, love, love, then you know that I will be waiting for great deals at that place first thing.

I am a fan of Demarle Product because I can literally play in my kitchen and not worry about the clean-up as everything rinses so easily and there is never, never anything to scrub.

The cookware really allows me to make some beautiful fun desserts and dish without spending hours in the kitchen.

Well in honor of the Thanksgiving Holidays, the company has decided to let a few deals out. I hope that you will find, as we say in French, “votre bonheur”, or ” your luck”. Let me know. Thank you;-), by calling me at 864-494-4494, or by e-mailing me at You can also make a purchase directly at


Black_Friday_Sale-1 jpegHappy Shopping;-)