Super Bowl Cookie Cake


This past Friday I gave a cooking party for a group of fun young ladies. We had lots of fun! and they loved the cookware and the recipes.

At the end of the class, the host inquired about making a cookie cake.  She needed to make one for her son’s birthday. I will tell you that it is not something that i have never thought of making because my children really never asked for it. But i told her that the best way would be to use a grande round mold, or even the flexipat to make a rectangular size cake because the cookie will not stick and it will be perfect. Look!!!


So Luci, thank you for the idea, and for inviting my daughter and I to try to make one. I hope that you were able to make one for your child’s birthday.

Since it is still early in the afternoon, you guys maybe able to make one right before your party starts:-)

Of course, I could have made it all from scratch, but many of you, I am sure will welcome the short and quick version so here it is:

Ingredients for large cookie cake of 14x 10 inches:

  • 1 box of nestle cookie dough
  • 1 can of green icing.
  • 1 can of brown icing
  • 1 can of white icing
  • 1 box of cake decorating box


  1. Turn the oven to 325.
  2. Empty the content of the cookie dough on the roulpat.
  3. Place a small roulpat on top of the dough since it will be very sticky.
  4. photo
  5. With a rolling pin, roll the dough out to make a rectangular that will fit the
  6. Place the flexipat on top of the cookie, and  flip the roulpat so that the cookie will be in the pan.photophoto
  7. Cook the cookie for 13-15 minutes ( depending how you like your cookies- I like mine soft so i cook the cake for 13 minutes).
  8. Let the cake cool completely.
  9. Decorate as you wish.


We made some cookies in the shape of cookie helmets and footballs to place on top of the cake and bake them also for 13 minutes.



May the best team win tonite!!! Yeah!!!

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!

Fun Birthday Party

This week I celebrated my birthday as well as my husband’s. Because it was my first week back at work and our birthdays fell on a school night, we both decided to celebrate it this past week-end. So we had a small party on Saturday.. and of course I cooked. I wanted my food to be light so I decided to offer lots of vegetables and meats:


  • Tomato caprese in martini glasses
  • Brie cups with red pepper jelly
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Pork tenderloin with mango, soy marinade served with bread, regular side dressings,  and mango chutney
  • Chicken teriyaki kebabs
  • Ginger and Mint Marinated Shrimps
  • Texas Caviar with various tortillas
  • Lobster cream cheeese mousse with flatbread
  • Summer berry tartlets
  • Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream
  • White chocolate panna cotta

I think my guests really enjoy their food because there were hardly any left-overs. That must be a good sign;-)

I had a great time, it is so much fun to cook and visit with friends…
I hope you guys entertain too! It is so much more fun than going to a restaurant….