Healthy Vegetarian Pizza

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I love Thursday nights because the week is almost over and there is only one day left to work after that and… the weekend is almost here. If I don’t have any work to do ( which does not happen too often, I like to stay home and do nothing… ( well to me, it is nothing. To some of you it may be work:-). I like to go to the gym, play in my kitchen and work on my blog. Today was one of those days;-) FUN! FUN! FUN!!!

So when I called my husband on my way home and asked what he wanted for dinner, and he said pizza, I really welcome the idea because tonite I did not feel like fixing a dinner for me, and a dinner for him… ( I know, selfish…)

So while he had pizza, I had pizza too. Just a bit healthier than those take-out ones:

Vegetarian and Whole Wheat Tortilla Pizza.

Ingredients for 2:

  1. Turn the oven to 400.
  2. Place a silpat on a perforated sheet. Place 2 tortilla on the silpat.
  3. Spoon the tomato sauce over the tortilla and spread it 1
  4. Place the slices zucchini and squash over the tomato 2
  5. Sprinkle the parmesan over the 3
  6. Then sprinkle some basil, rosemary herb blend over the parmesan
  7. Place the pizza into the oven and cook for 8-10 4

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!

Oven-Roasted Summer Vegetables

If you read this blog, you either know me personally or have come to one of my cooking class. And so you know that I love to cook. I love to cook so much in fact that you will find me in my kitchen 200% of the time when I am home. People paint, collect stamps. Me, I play with food, I try new flavors and ingredients and I make up recipes. It is rewarding in itself to eat what you have prepared. It is even better when the food tastes great and it is good for you. This recipe is such a recipe. It is so yummy, you feel as if you splurges when in fact it is very healthy.  With the Demarle cookware, nothing tastes like you even tasted things. Vegetables taste so fresh and so yummy… Try this recipe, it is yummy and so fast to make. You will love it!!!

Ingredients for 4: 2 small zucchini sliced and 4 small summer squash sliced and cut very thinly, 1/2 box of cherry tomatoes, 1 small red or orange bell pepper sliced thinly, 1/4 purple onion sliced thinly, 1 tbsp of rosemary, thyme Demarle seasoning, salt, pepper and 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Place all the diced vegetables in a bowl, drizzle 1 tbsp of olive oil and mix well to coat the vegetables. Empty the vegetables on the silpat and spread them out. Sprinkle the onions. Then sprinkle salt, pepper, the rosemary seasoning and a bit of parmesan and cook in a warm oven at 400 for 8-10 minutes. C’est tout!!!

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!

An Asian Twist on Vegetables….

Some people crave sweets, salty snacks. Me… good vegetables… I am not satisfied if my dinner does not include vegetables. The problem is variety. I get tired of eating the same vegetables. Luckily with each season comes new vegetables, yet it is difficult to find fun ways to eat them. In the book ” 75 Nouvelles Recettes Proteinees” from the Marabout Editions, there is a large selection of vegetables recipes. Some better than others. The recipe of today’s post was based on the recipe called “legumes vapeurs a l’asiatique”. Though I really like the originality of the vegetable mix, I made a few changes including the sauce.

Ingredients for 4: 1 red pepper cut in thin strips, 1 bag of miniature carrots ( can be found in the packaged vegetables in your grocery store), 2-3 summer squash sliced thinly, 2 cups of snow peas, salt, light soy sauce, hoisin sauce.

Trim the snow peas. Place all the vegetables in the round mold to steam them. Mix 1/16 tsp of salt with 1 tsp of water, and pour it into the round mold. Place the octogonal silpat on top of the round mold and microwave for 5 minutes. While the vegetables are cooking, mix 2 tsp of light soy sauce with 2 tsp of hoisin sauce and 1 tsp of grated fresh ginger. Pour this mixture into the cooked vegetable and mix well to coat. Et voila!!!

 Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!

Oven Roasted Squash and Zucchini

I know, I know, this recipe is not a fall recipe but it is such a simple recipe that I wanted to share it with you. If you are at loss about what to fix, but still want to eat healthy, why don’t you oven roast your vegetables. You can prepare anything. Most vegetables will cook at 400 for 8 minutes unless they are denser like root vegetables ( potatoes, parsnips, butternut squash…). Yu can oven roast brocoli, cauliflower… really anything you see in the store. In fact you could also roast fruits amid vegetables. Today I fixed squash and zucchini roasted in the oven.

Ingredients for 4: 2 medium-sized zucchinis and 2 medium-sized summer squashs sliced thinly in disks, salt, pepper, 1 Tbsp of olive oil, herbs such as Herbes de Provence, 1/3- 1/2 cup of grated parmesan.

Rinse your vegetables and slice them thinly in narrow disks. Place the vegetables in a large bowl. Drizzle the olive oil over it, sprinkle 1/8 tsp of salt, 1/16 tsp of pepper, and 1/2 tbsp of seasoning. Lay the vegetables flat on a silpat and cook in an already warm oven at 400 for 8 minutes. Et voila!

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!