Fun Turkey Cookies for the Upcoming Holidays.

This past week-end I gave a cooking class to a group of 11 girls aged 11, 12. Since it was for a birthday party and the birthday girl wishes to become a pastry chef, I thought of making all kinds of fun snacks, cookies and pastries with Thanksgiving as the common theme.

On the menu, we made “pig”lgrim hat, a turkey out of cheese and fruit, cupcakes with turkey tops and finally corn husks out of sugar cookies.  They had fun.  They did find the class a bit challenging but they thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that they will be able to duplicate those recipes at home.

I would have loved to make a cake and teach them to decorate it as pastry chefs do, but their attention span is so short, and their fine-motor skills still still not perfect that I decided to do things that they would be able to make at home on their own, without the help of an adult;-)

The recipe I am presenting you today is nothing that I am used to send you as it is using pre-made and bought ingredients, and the recipe is not that healthy, but I thought I would share it as  you may enjoy to make theses with your loved ones  during the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Ingredients for 12 large cookies: 

  • 1 pack of sugar cookie dough
  • 1 pack of M&M ( peanuts, or regular) as long as you are only using red, orange, yellow and brown colored ones.
  • 1 box of chocolate whipped frosting.
  • 1 bag of candy corn
  • 1 tube of yellow frosting
  • 1 tube of black frosting
  • 12 small Reese cups

Turn the oven to 325. Place a large silpat on  a large perforated sheet and set aside. Open the tube of sugar cookie dough and cut 12 slices that you will place at 1-2 inches interval on the silpat. Cook the cookies for 10-12 minutes or until the rim of the cookies are a nice golden color and the center of the cookies is still white.

When the cookies are  cooked, remove them from the oven, and let them cool completely before decorating ( it will take at least 1 hour).

With a spatula, spread the frosting all over the cookie and decide which one you want to make ( M&M, or candy corn). Start placing the candy corn, or M&M alond the edge of the cookie almost all around. Then start a second row, and a third as shown below. Place a Reese cup in the middle. With a knife, cut the tip of a candy corn and glue it on the Reese cup with a bit of frosting. Use the yellow icing to make the eyes and the feet, and the black to make the pupils. Repeat this with all the cookies. You may eat them as you finish them, or later on. They are very good even a couple of days old. Enjoy!!!

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!


Thanksgiving is such a special time. It is almost like Christmas in that you spend time with your friends and closed ones, but it is better because you don’t have the pressure of gift giving and everything that comes along. During Thanksgiving, you are reminded to appreciate your blessings ( and believe me I feel blessed everyday to be living here in the United States), you are enjoying great food, and you are spending time with the people you love. Though, it is also a difficult time for me because I am so far away from my native family, I enjoy this holiday very much. In fact I love Thanksgiving! I have embraced this American Holiday with its traditions with my whole heart. I decorate my house, I venture to learn recipes with ingredients  that used to be foreign to me such as pecans and cinnamon. Yes, Thanksgiving is of course not celebrated in France, so we don’t have those family dinners with pumpkins pies, ham and dressing;-) It has been fun learning to taste all those things and learning to make them as well. Well for those who read me, you must know that I love to cook, and I will take any opportunity to cook, and offer cooking class. Yesterday, I had a Children’s Cooking Class. Though, we were not very many, we had lots of fun! We made cupcake turkeys, pigs in a pilgrim hats, corns in husk, Chocolate Pilgrim Hats, and Cheese and Grape Turkeys. Not only did children learn to make those items on their own, they also ate them or took them home. I hope you will join us next time;-) Until then,

Bon Appetit and Happy Cooking!!!