Catering Menu


Menu 1 : Choose one meat, one vegetable and one starch.
Menu 2 : Choose one meat, one vegetable, one starch, one dessert.
Menu 3 : Choose one meat, one vegetable, one starch, one dessert, one fruit.
Menu 4 : Choose one meat, one vegetable, one starch, cheese, one dessert.
Menu 5 : Choose 2 meats, one vegetable, one starch.
Menu 6 : Choose 2 meats, one vegetable, one starch, one dessert.
Menu 7 : Choose 2 meats, one vegetable, one starch, one fruit.
Menu 8 : Choose 2 meats, one salad, one vegetable, one starch, one dessert.
Menu 9 : Choose 2 meats, one salad, one vegetable, one starch, one fruit.
Menu 10 : Choose 2 meats, one salad, one vegetable, one starch, one cheese.
Menu 11 : Menu 8 + additional dessert
Menu 12 : Menu 8 + fruit.
Menu 13 : Menu 8+ cheese.


Chicken Cordon Bleu
Satay chicken with peanut butter sauce
Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Chasseur
( fresh tomatoes/ mushrooms/ onions)
Chicken fricassee with Creamy citrus sauce
Maple-mustard Glazed chicken
Cider-Glazed Chicken
Barbecue Pork
Marinated Pork tenderloin
Meatballs in bourbon barbecue Sauce
Meatballs in Hawaiian Sauce
Meatballs in Sweet and Sour Sauce
Original Rotisserie Chicken Salad
Warldoff Chicken Salad
Caesar Chicken Salad

Marinated Shrimps
White wine and dill marinated Shrimps
Shrimps with cocktails sauce

Mango and Curry and Coconut Shrimps

Maple Glazed Salmon

Honey and Pecan Coated Salmon

Mustard, Honey and Almond Coated Pecan

Ginger-stuffed Salmon with Soy and Honey Sauce

Sauteed green beans with bacon
Sauteed green beans with garlic/ parsley
Green beans casserole
Sauteed assorted vegetables
Sauteed Vegetables Julienne
Squash Casserole
Carrot soufflé
Broccoli soufflé
Mixed greens with varied salad dressing
Caesar Salad

Roasted red potatoes
Parmesan Roasted Potatoes
Red mashed potatoes with garlic
Boursin Mashed Potatoes
Scalloped potatoes with or without cheese

Baked Potatoes ( au naturel, Cheddar and Chives, Parmesan green onions and bacon, Monterey and Chorizo, Bleu Cheese).

Macaroni and Cheese
White rice
Risotto ( parmesan, or tomato, or parsley, or curry…)
Wild rice / or Browned butter-Pecan Rice
German Potato Salad ( with vinegar)
American Potato Salad ( mayonnaise)
French Potato Salad ( red onion, cider vinegar and bacon)
Pasta salad

Lemon Squares
Mini cupcakes
Chocolate Mousse in a small shot glass
White chocolate mousse in a shot glass with seasonal berries

fruit tray of varied fruits
Individual cups (1/2 cups ) of fruit salad

Cheese tray with assorted crackers

Sample Menu 1:

▪ Beef Tenderloin with assorted rolls and sauces
▪ Marinated Shrimps
▪ Gorgonzola Crackers topped with cream cheese and mango chutney
▪ Stuffed Mushrooms
▪ Chicken Caesar Salad on Parmesan Wafers
▪ Brie Phyllo Cups topped with Grape chutney
▪ Cucumber cups filled with Cranberry Mousse
▪ Tomatoes BLT
▪ Smoked Salmon in Phyllo cups
▪ 3 sorts of Macarons:         White vanilla, Red Raspberry and Mint Chocolate
▪ 2 sorts of cupcakes:          Red velvet and Devil Food Cupcakes
▪ Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme topped with a Raspberry Gelee

Sample menu 2:

▪ Pork tenderloin with assorted sauces
▪ Marinated Shrimps in White wine and dill served in Wonton cups
▪ Sauteed Scallops in a warm red bell pepper Panna Cotta
▪ Brie cups with grape chutney
▪ Tuna tartare served on rice crackers with mango salsa
▪ Chicken satay with assorted peanut sauce
▪ Small grilled lamb kebobs served with a spicy mint sauce
▪ Smoked salmon on rye toast and horseradish creme fraiche
▪ Cucumber cups with salmon mousse
▪ Marinated assorted Vegetables
▪ 3 sorts of Macarons: orange, vanilla, hazelnut
▪ 2 different desserts served in Shot Glasses: Chocolate pot de creme/ wild summer berries in a lemon flavored white chocolate cream.

Price : Please Inquireat
or call 864-494-4494

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